Who shot first? I know…

Who shot first? Was it Han Solo, or was it Greedo? I’m doing it again. Anyway, no one may ever know… No, wait, never mind, I know who shot first. Today, I was watching A new hope, and I was on the Han vs. greedo scene, when I remembered. If you push the pause button on your remote control more than once, the Movie continues for a second. The more you push, the more you can closely examine stuff. I decided to do it to this scene. It took a long time, but I discovered who it was. Greedo shot … Continue reading Who shot first? I know…

Out with the old, in with the new – tlj theory

​We all watched TLJ trailer. We all heard Luke say It’s time for the Jedi, to end. There has been bunch of Ideas of what he could mean. Here’s what I, and other, believe. It could mean that it’s time for the old Jedi code to end, the end of the ancient Jedi. One day, I was commenting how his theory on why Obi-wan Kenobi could not be Rey’s father. I brought up the Idea in the comments that his Idea could also blend in with Luke, because the Jedi code says you cannot be in a relationship or have attachments. Then … Continue reading Out with the old, in with the new – tlj theory

Who is Snoke?

​Snoke is the supreme leader of the new first order, brought kylo ren to the dark side, is feared, and is terribly scarred. But who is snoke? Yes, he could be a totally new character, but he could be a character from the other movies that are presumed dead. I went to some websites with some theories about snoke’s identity, and here is 3 theories about snoke: Snoke could be Grand moff tarkin. Now, they are both old and snoke could have escaped the first death star, just horribly scarred. but snoke has the force, and tarkin doesn’t, so snoke is probably … Continue reading Who is Snoke?

Return of the Jedi – return of luke, or the return of all the Jedi?

When I was a toddler, I had always thought that The return of the Jedi meant that Like Skywalker is returning after a long period of time. Maybe doing something with Yoda on Dagobah or something, I don’t know. But it turns out, that’s not what the name means. I always thought that when they referred to Jedi, they meant Luke, because he is now a jedi; he has a Lightsaber, he looks cool in his black uniform. By the way, I know Black is not a Jedi color, but Like Skywalker looks great in it! Anyway, the name of … Continue reading Return of the Jedi – return of luke, or the return of all the Jedi?