MTFBWY on this Christmas!

It’s finally Christmas! It’s finally Christmas day, after so many months, weeks, days, and hours of waiting. The presents are definitely under the tree, and I will go wake up my parents after 7:00. So I’ll try to wake them up at 7:01ūüėĄ. There has been a bunch of SW stuff this year; my favorite is watching The Last Jedi at a Sneak Peek (meaning I got to watch it on Dec. 14). Thanks for reading, and have a happy New year. Continue reading MTFBWY on this Christmas!

The Battle of Hoth

While ‚Äčeverybody is thinking about a White Christmas, I, may have also been thinking about the movie a couple weeks ago. Dang it, I’m thinking about it right now. But anyway, I want to talk about the Battle of Hoth. Even though the Rebellion destroyed the Death Star, The Empire still knows where their base is. So the Rebellion had to find a new base. They go to the Snow Planet Hoth, where they set up a new base called Echo Base. The Empire scatters thousands of Probots across the Galaxy, looking for the Rebels hidden base. Darth Vader leads … Continue reading The Battle of Hoth