About the blogger

​​Hi, my name is Andy Pines, I am a 12-yr old boy, and is very fond of books and movies. I am a huge Tolkien Nut, an avid reader, a lover of math, history, and Science, a huge eater, and a Disney fan (or Disney geek, if you follow my blog, Andy the Disney geek). I am a Christian, so I don’t read Harry Potter, Miss peregrines home for peculiar children, or (gasp!) Percy Jackson. I know tons of Christians read those books, but our family just doesn’t. And don’t ask me why I don’t read Percy Jackson.

I love Blogging. And I probably have more blogs than anybody in America; I currently have about 19 blogs! That’s a lot, and I forget to blog on all of them a lot, but I always get to them. Each link up there is just a couple of my blogs.

I live in a family of 1 sister, 3 brothers, and a Mom and a Dad.