The Knights of Ren

​Caution! Spoilers! Enter if you dare! Or if you’re like me, and you like Spoilers now and then, and please continue. In The Force Awakens, we see Rey having a vision about a lot of stuff. I’ll make a post about all the visions later, but I want to discuss the Knights of Ren. The Knights of Ren (Episode 7) Who are they? Will we see them physically in a Star Wars Movie? Now that The Last Jedi is out in Theaters now, we know a little bit more about these mysterious beings. And no, They don’t appear Physically in the Movie, which is … Continue reading The Knights of Ren

MTFBWY on this Christmas!

It’s finally Christmas! It’s finally Christmas day, after so many months, weeks, days, and hours of waiting. The presents are definitely under the tree, and I will go wake up my parents after 7:00. So I’ll try to wake them up at 7:01😄. There has been a bunch of SW stuff this year; my favorite is watching The Last Jedi at a Sneak Peek (meaning I got to watch it on Dec. 14). Thanks for reading, and have a happy New year. Continue reading MTFBWY on this Christmas!

Tlj cups and toppers

​Making Star Wars have pictures of toppers and and cups. The toppers include two BB-units, one is a First Order BB-unit, called BB-9E, named BB-9E, and the other is the BB-8 we all grew to love. The rest is Rey in training gear and a lightsaber, a Praetorian Guard and the Executioner Stormtrooper. There is also Last Jedi cups and Popcorn buckets that you can get as well. In my opinion, my eyes are on the cup and the First Order BB-unit topper. I hope I get them this December! Below are Images of the toppers, cups, and Buckets. Continue reading Tlj cups and toppers