Should The Jedi follow the rule of two?

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The Empire is no more. The galaxy is at peace for many years. There was a balance in the force.

Until Luke Skywalker decides to train a new generation of Jedi. Which ended tragically, when Kylo Ren turned to the Dark side and destroyed what Luke created.

Before we get back to this, let me explain about the chosen one. The chosen one is the prophecy telling of a Jedi bringing balance to the force. But the Jedi believe that this means that ‘the chosen one’ will destroy the Sith once and for all. There are two sides to the force. The light Side, which the Jedi follow, and the Dark side, which the Sith follow. Anakin was believed to be ‘the chosen one’, but then Palpatine turned Anakin to the Dark side, and then Anakin, with the help of the clone troopers, destroyed most of the Jedi.

The Dark side had the upper hand, the Empire was created, and as long as the Empire was in control, the Dark side had the upper hand. But then Luke brought his father, Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker back to the light side, the Emperor was killed, the Empire crumbled, and Darth Vader died. Being the apprentice, there was no Sith.

The galaxy was at peace, because there was no more sith, or empire. The Galaxy was at peace for many years, when Luke was the last Jedi. But then he began training more Jedi. Do you see a pattern here?

There’s no Sith, the galaxy is at peace. Then Anakin Skywalker helps destroy the Jedi. Then the galaxy is not at peace. Then there’s no more empire, there’s no more sith, right now only one Jedi is alive, and the galaxy is at peace. Then Kylo Ren helps destroy the Jedi, and Luke goes into hiding. Now there’s no longer peace in the galaxy. If you’re confused, then here is something that will make it easier.

  • Peace
  • Sith have upper hand
  • Peace
  • Sith have upper hand

But the main thing is the galaxy was at peace until Luke began training more Jedi. Why don’t train more Jedi at all!?!

Of course, that Jedi will die on day, so that Jedi will have to have at least one Padawan. This is where the rule of two comes in.

For most of you who don’t know, the rule of two is a Sith rule allowing only one master and one apprentice. Then when the master dies, the apprentice will become the master, and then bring up a new apprentice. But if the apprentice dies, then the master must find a new apprentice.

If the Jedi just follow this rule, they would keep balance in the force, and possibly peace in the galaxy.

Anakin Skywalker becomes mad at the council, because they won’t make him a master. If the Jedi just follow the rule of two, then the master will be able to make his Padawan a Jedi master when he wants to, not a whole council.

So this is what I think. The Jedi must follow the rule of two. Do you agree with me? Please tell me in the comments down below.


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